Monday, July 26, 2010

Twitter: The Slowest Biggest Startup Ever

For something so high tech and new, not to mention game changing, looking at Twitter's system updates is like looking into the lens of the past. It's like when big companies finally decide to use social media, but they are 2 years behind and just doing it because everyone else is. It just feels so weird, like what planet are they on, we've had this stuff forever and you are just rolling it out now...and to the website?! Who the HELL even uses the website? It's like using IE 6 to surf the internet, sure it can be done, but it's hella-inefficient and there are no tabs!

Yeah I know they are taking it slow to the party and then annoyingly eating up all the competition, killing businesses that capitalized on their slowness, but it seriously seems like they move at the speed of a company 100 times their size. I guess when you build a crappy platform that doesn't scale, you don't have much time to deal with everything else, and if you already have tons of money with no competition you don't really need to innovate either. Kind of reminds me of a number of big local companies...

Anyways, just wanted to point out the observation of how backwards they seem to what you might think without thinking. And yeah I know most people don't use some sort of Twitter Client...But man are they missing out!

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