Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney to buy Marvel?!

I can't believe the news I read this morning, Mickey might just join the X-men!

This is huge news, a huge dollar value, and has huge implications for both comic fans and Disney's competitors! Think about Universal Studios and their heavy use of the Marvel universe? How do you stop a competing theme park? Buy the rights to all the characters that some of their current success is based on! What a smooth move!

I really hope they don't dumb down or family orient our favourite comics and characters, and I don't want to see any plush wolverine Mickeys either! The teen and adult oriented universes of some comics don't seem to fit in with Disney in my opinion, but perhaps they want to capture a whole different market as well?

What do you think? Blasphemy?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gmail Webclips makes me laugh

For some reason I got this in my Gmail Webclips this morning, as I occasionally get the most random, stupid or funny things in there:

Miley Cyrus' IQ Is 75 - - Take An IQ Test And Find Out If You Are Smarter Than Miley Cyrus.

I laugh, that seems pretty low, and I know it could be complete BS, but I'll look it up anyways, here is what wiki says:
70–84 Borderline Mental Disability

HA, it's probably true