Friday, August 26, 2011

How to look like a douchebag 101

Back in April 2010 I was looking for someone to join up on the Will Pwn 4 Food team as a Game Dev, I posted the job around on the Internet and I got back this curious email:

Subject: Your "3D Game Dev" Job
Who are you and do you have funding?

Douchebag, CEO

Back then I just couldn't believe the audacity of someone to send such a jackhole email like that and to even expect a response, like seriously, even if I had money, which I didn't at the time, why would I hire someone who air quotes my job title, introduces nothing and comes up all like "who the hell are you? nobody? do you have money, maybe then you can talk to me while being nobody".

Of course, I didn't bother responding, but it was one of those emails that makes you think wow, some people! It also helped that his site didn't make any sense, or fit in with the industry at all.

Flash forward a few months and I go to this Digital Media event in Mississauga. I run into some shifty looking fellow there while networking and he introduces himself and gives me his card, which I recognized the logo on as the douchebag who was so rude on email. The first thing he says to me after I say my name is: That's the worst possible name ever for a business, it's so stupid, you aren't going to be successful with that. What a horrible name. I try to brush him off, and he goes into a jaunt about his revolutionary concept of taking some process from the film industry and trying to make it work in the video game industry. Then he starts drilling me for how much money I have and how stupid he thinks my idea is and how I should hire his outsourcing team, then when I say no, he abruptly turns and leaves.

So flash forward again to the present, over a year later, and I post on the IGDA Toronto site looking for some leads on talent, and poof, out of nowhere, the first comment is:
"That is a horrid name for a company. "

Which was erased a few minutes later and replaced with:
"Will pwn for food? Doesn't exactly project an aura of success. "

I click on the name, well what do you know, the same guy as written about above! (what a surprise!).

I'm not sure if this is how this guy likes to get business or if he just likes to mentally whack off on his own opinions, but I won't delete his post as it'll allow others to make their own judgements about a person who comments on a friendly "looking for help post" with a proverbial "ur name is shitty yo", although I'm sure this is one of those guys that everyone already knows to look out for.

So far the only negative reaction I've really gotten out of the name (apart from above) is that it might turn off people who don't get it, which is one of the reasons I like the name, because in every other interaction with people they either say I don't get it, and then they don't end up understanding hardly anything about gaming or they say "Dude, I love your name!", in which case I know it's really worth while to dig into the details with them.

Anyway, I think 3 separate encounters with the same dickmunch warrants a blog post.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Off to the world's largest floating Heavy Metal festival! 70000 Tons of METAL!

That's right,
and yes I know it's been awhile, but I thought I'd share this in a place where some people who don't follow me on Twitter may see it!

Click to see the details of the Metal Cruise

It's gonna be daaaaaaaaaamn busy!