Monday, November 23, 2009

UPS Can Go To Hell!

So it's a Monday and I still haven't gotten my bundle of $100 worth of business books I've been excited for, and I wonder when it will arrive! I decide I should go check Amazon's site and see what the hold up is, and to my surprise, my books have already been shipped and delivered!

Apparently I am reminded on the Amazon page that I ordered the books on Nov 12th (has it really been that long already?) and they were delivered on the 16th (the Monday after the Thursday of ordering)! It's 9:31am on a foggy November 23rd and I know that no one has come to the door yet. I'm furious because apparently my books were delivered a week ago and nobody was informed of this. Had my books been stolen? Delivered to the wrong address? Maybe my GF signed for them and hid them from me for some sort of surprise.

I start looking around and didn't see a box anywhere, and considering I've asked several times last week upon returning from work, I doubt my GF would have hid them. I then recall something I saw several days ago when coming in the side door, a small box that appeared to have fallen off the top of the recycle bin and in between the cement stair and bin. It was about the same size as a box someone sent me for my birthday on November 4th, and I recalled it having an Amazon logo, but I don't remember ordering or receiving an Amazon gift. As I was on my way in the house, I didn't give it much thought, maybe Sarah ordered something and already recycled the box which blew off the top of our overflowing recycle bin I thought, and then forgot about it.

This morning as I go outside to look, I notice it's grubby as hell, dirty looking, but actually un-opened! Could this box hold all 5 of my books??

I bring it inside, cut it open (most of the papertape was still in tact), and there are my precious new books. They don't appear to be water-damaged or growing mold, some of the books are slightly wavy, but I'm not sure if it's because of the moisture or not yet, it's the only non-hardcover. Eithery way they are damp and I am pissed off ot the max!

So I guess it's now protocol for UPS to deliver a package and if it doesn't fit in the front door where the mailbox is, they won't take it back and leave a slip, they'll go around to the side door and wedge the box nice and hidden like between a giant cement step and a blue box full of cardboard, and lets also push it back towards where the window alcove is, next to other fallen recyclables, that should help hide it even more! And to make this even better, let's not leave a note, a delivery slip, or even send an email telling me my package has been delivered!

I can't even find where to complain on either of Amazon's or UPS's websites, which just pisses me off even more. Big companies love to make people mad, but what they love even more is when people are forced to bottle that rage because they are given no outlet into which we can complain!

I can't fault Amazon too much as they shipped fast and for free, but I wish they wouldn't have picked shitty ass UPS to do the job wrong, and they are the ones who should be reimbursing me!

3 simple words to end this post: Fuck You UPS